Golf fans react to Dustin Johnson revealing his favourite Masters tradition

Dustin Johnson was asked what his favourite thing about The Masters is and his answer might surprise you...

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Wed, 11 Nov 2020
Golf fans react to Dustin Johnson revealing his favourite Masters tradition

Golf fans are loving Dustin Johnson's brilliant answer during a press conference ahead of The Masters, as the World No.1 was asked to share his favourite thing about the tournament.

You can always rely on Johnson for a laugh every now and then and most of the time he's not even trying to be funny.

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Speaking to the media ahead of the final major of the year, Johnson was asked by a reporter what his favourite Masters tradition is.

Watch the video below to see a classic 'DJ being DJ' moment:

Personally my favourite part about the clip is that Johnson repeats the question to himself and sits there for a moment to think about his answer and then just like that, as if a lightbulb has suddenly been turned on, he cracks a smile and comes out with an answer like that.

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"This guy is what we’re all here for. Good for him," said one golf fan in the comments.

I'm sure the reporter was probably expecting a different answer and thought that Johnson would lean towards one of the more serious traditions at The Masters, but in DJ's defence, Augusta National is known for having a pretty solid sandwich selection.

Traditions aside, Johnson will be hopeful of winning his second major championship this week and it's no surprise to see him as the tournament favourite, given his incredible form that saw him reclaim the World No.1 spot and win the Tour Championship in September.

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