Brandel Chamblee compares Tiger Woods to "wet grocery bag"

Brandel Chamblee has described Tiger Woods' physical state as a "wet grocery bag filled with jugs of milk."

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Tue, 9 Jun 2020
Brandel Chamblee compares Tiger Woods to "wet grocery bag"

Brandel Chamblee has never been afraid to say what's on his mind and a lot of the time it lands him in hot water with professionals on the PGA Tour and his latest comments were aimed at the golf goat himself, Tiger Woods.

It's no secret that Woods has to be very careful these days and plan his schedule on tour wisely, as he wants to play in as many majors as possible before retiring and needs to be wary of his injuries.

Woods, 44, last played on the PGA Tour at the Genesis Invitational in February and missed The Players Championship to rest his back, but returned to our televisions for The Match: Champions for Charity at the end of May, when he and Peyton Manning beat Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady.

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The PGA Tour resumes this week at the Charles Schwab Challenge and although the field is packed full of the world's best players, Woods has opted not to return to action just yet.

“I think Tiger in his own way has sort of hinted that whatever events he’s going to play the rest of his career are going to be very minimal,” Chamblee said. “He, I think, is trying to stretch out his body, you know, the wear and tear on his body, and see how long he can be competitive in major championships. … I think he is being very cautious about wearing out his body.

“For the week-in, week-out fan, it’s disappointing we’re not going to see more of Tiger Woods. But I would just say, look, we’ve had our run. Anything else we get from him from an entertainment standpoint is gravy at this point. All of us have gotten to see the greatest golfer of all time and he’s authored two, maybe three of the greatest comebacks the sport has ever seen.

“So he’s already given us, you know, Secretariat, Brett Favre, Jack Nicklaus all rolled into one. So, what more could we ask for from him?”

Well what many are asking of him is to go and equal or beat Jack Nicklaus' major record, with Woods needing three more to level the score, but Chamblee thinks Woods will struggle to win any this year, due to the events being pushed to later dates and making playing conditions colder, which could have a negative effect on his back.

“But again I look at the Tiger I saw at Zozo and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him swing better than that,” Chamblee said. “But from a physical standpoint, it’s like his body is a wet grocery bag filled with jugs of milk. You just never know when it’s going to burst.

“The drama really is watching him sort of walk around a golf course. We’re all looking for any sign of injury, and if he shows up lively and ready to go, then it’s game on.”

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