"Can you believe he said this?" TikTok video highlights everyday sexism in sport

Golf fans react as TikTok video from PGA pro Georgia Ball goes viral following unsolicited advice from male golfer. 

A TikTok video from PGA Pro Georgia Ball has gone viral after it shows her receiving unsolicited advice from a male golfer at a driving range.

The video shows Ball clearly not asking for help, and yet he continues to “mansplain” swing technique.

Ball’s video has got everyone exchanging their own experiences of everyday sexism in golf and showing their indignation at the unsolicited advice.

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Research from Golf Care highlighted that one in seven men think women should not play golf.

Polling more than 2,000 UK residents, Golf Care obtained their views on participation in golf as well as a range of other sports.

The results were appalling as 25% said female golfers should be paid less than men, one in 10 said the opinions of female sport pundits are less valid than those of their male counterparts.

A spokesperson for Golf Care said:

“Although some progress has certainly been made to encourage female participation in golf, this shows just how pervasive sexism is – both within golf and more widely throughout society.
“For too long, golf clubs and the professional game have been seen as a “boy’s club” and this needs to urgently change if golf is to have a place in the future of sport.”

Less than two thirds of people agreed that women’s golf should have equal TV coverage to the men’s game.

But when asked about gender inequality and sexism within golf, almost 25% said they didn’t believe it was an issue.

This has emerged just days after England Golf signed the International Working Group on Women and Sport’s Brighton plus Helsinki Declaration, signifying their commitment to equity for women and girls in sport.

Golf Care’s research and Ball’s TikTok highlight that more needs to be done to achieve this.


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