Crazy REVERSE golf swing causes social media meltdown

A video has emerged of one of the strangest golf swings ever seen, where a golfer uses a reverse swing and stripes the ball down the middle.

Crazy REVERSE golf swing causes social media meltdown
Crazy REVERSE golf swing causes social media meltdown

We've seen some pretty unique golf swings in the past and it's a joy to see different swings work for different players in the professional game, but never in all my years watching this sport have I seen a swing quite like this.

A video emerged on social media of a golfer who uses a reverse swing with his driver and going by the sound it made and the reaction of the player and those around him, it seems to work pretty well. Watch the video below:

After circulating on both Instagram and Twitter, the video quickly went viral and thousands of people have commented in disbelief as to what they were witnessing.

Forget the likes of Matthew Wolff, Jim Furyk and Ho Sung Choi, because there is no comparing this swing to any other out there.


"What is this sorcery..."

"I need to see this in slow motion!"

"What. The. Hell."



"I've seen some strange swings in my time but what on earth is that?!"

"Swing your swing! Go on lad!"

"What is up with your arms man?!"

"I will never understand this. Ever."

"So this is where I've been going wrong, I'm swinging the wrong way."

"My body simply doesn't move like that."

"How can he swing like that and still be better than me..."

"HOw does he not snap his wrists swinging like that?!"

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