Did you know this rule about teeing up your ball ahead of the tee markers?

If you tee up your ball outside of the tee markers on the tee box, do you receive a penalty if you hit your shot without realising it?

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Mon, 9 May 2022
Did you know this rule about teeing your ball ahead of the tee markers?

It is possible to know every rule in golf. But there are some rules that you have to know and they will be a key part of your beginner stage in the game.

Rules such as taking an unplayable lie, hitting provisional balls and marking your ball on the green are fundamental rules which you must know. There is no getting away from this.

Another basic rule that you must know is where you have to tee up your ball on the tee box. You need to get underway on each hole in the correct fashion.

When you tee up your ball, you must tee it up in line with the two tee markers that you have chosen to play from, whether they are competition tees, member's tees or the ladies' tees.

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The teeing area is two club-lengths long from behind the tee markers. However, if you place your ball down on the ground or on a tee in front of the markers, this is where problems can be caused.

If you hit your ball from in front of the tee markers in a stroke play event, you will incur a two-shot penalty. After this, you will have to hit the shot again from the correct area.

In match play, your opponent may cancel the stroke and ask you to take it again, but there is no penalty incurred in this format of the game.

A player is allowed to stand outside of the teeing area as long as their ball has been teed up legally. In match play, the opponent must call out the infringement promptly and before they hit their next shot.

It is important to take note of this rule. As you can see in the footage above, it is very easy to mistakenly tee up your ball in an incorrect position on the tee box.



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