Batman Tumbler Golf Cart sold for $17,500!

Check out a rather cool mini-Tumbler for the course

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart sold for $17,500!

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

A Batman Tumbler Golf Cart sold on ebay today for the small sum of $17,500 - a steal when you consider Bubba Watson's Bubbacraft is on sale for close to $60,000.

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The mini-Tumbler started life as an EZ-Go golf cart that was torn down to its frame and cup holders before the rebuild. A lot of work, sheet metal, and $30,000 later, it was reborn as the Bat-themed Tumbler golf cart. It even has the same style of Super Swamper tires as the real thing.

Most of the original cart components are gone, replaced with a go-cart motor, anti-theft kill switch, iPad stand, a massive horn, adjustable leather seats, and a Batman logo on the steering column.

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