Callaway Forged Plus wedges more versatile

Club-maker Roger Cleveland adapts wedges to help golfers for all conditions

Callaway Forged Plus wedges more versatile
Callaway Forged Plus wedges more versatile
Callaway Forged Plus wedges

Less than a year after producing revolutionary Forged wedges with smaller heads and longer grips for better control, Callaway wedge guru Roger Cleveland has made the clubheads bigger in his new Forged Plus range.

Because Tour pros today now have to adapt to different conditions around the world, Cleveland has reacted by creating clubs that are more versatile when used in different grasses and from both lush and firm fairways.

For amateur golfers there are models to suit, whether your local course is lush parkland or fast-running links.

He says: "The new Forged+ wedges were inspired by requests from Tour pros for a traditional design with a larger head size and a sole grind that makes it easier to open the clubface. This means more face area to make contact with the ball while at the same time enhancing the ability to slide under the ball for delicate greenside shots."

The larger head size also allowed him to make the blade longer from heel to toe while shifting the scoring lines to the centre of the clubface. Many pros reported that this improved their confidence by framing the ball beautifully at address.

"And more relief in the heel area helps keep the leading edge of each wedge lower to the ground when the clubface is opened, making it easier to get under the ball for delicate short shots from deep, wiry and lush fringe grass around greens," says Cleveland.

The Forged+ wedges also offer a choice of two different bounce angles designed into the 56, 58- and 60-degree right-handed models.

Bounce refers to the angle of the sole between the leading and trailing edges of a golf club. More bounce is often preferred by golfers who tend to play courses with softer grass conditions and softer sand, or by players who have a steep angle of attack in their swing.

Wedges with less bounce are often preferred by golfers who tend to play courses that have firmer fairways with tighter lies and firmer sand, or who have shallow swings and tend to pick the ball cleanly off the surface.

The 56-degree wedge is available with either 12 or 14 degrees of bounce, while the 58- and 60-degree wedges have either 10 or 12 degrees of bounce.

As well as Golf Pride Tour Velvet Less Cord grips with a built-up area for better control when gripping down on the club, the wedges have the option of either a copper-nickel chrome or Vintage finish, designed to wear away for better grip.

These Forged+ wedges are available in six lofts for right-handed golfers (48, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees) and three lofts for left-handed golfers (52, 56 and 60 degrees). Suggested retail price is £109 for Vintage finish and £99 for chrome.

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