Callaway launches HX 2-piece ball

Latest salvo in the ball wars

Callaway launches HX 2-piece ball

Hot on the heels of its success with its CTU 30 and three-piece HX balls used respectively to win at the weekend by K J Choi and Malcolm Mackenzie, Callaway is introducing HX 2-piece Blue and Red golf balls.

These new models are scheduled to reach golf shops by June 1, joining the original HX as the only golf balls on the market without dimples.

They feature Callaway's patented tubular lattice network of rounded, criss-crossing tubes to form hexagons and pentagons on the surface. They claim to reduce drag and improve the aerodynamic flight on the ball because there’s no flat areas on the ball between dimples.

To you and me that means Callaway says they fly further, straighter, higher and are easier to control.

I’ve seen perfectly smooth golf balls smacked on a testing range and believe me they go nowhere – equivalent to a 100-yard duck hook.

So if you can limit the flat area – Callaway says it has achieved 100 per-cent surface coverage with no flat areas – chances are it will reduce drag at the beginning of ball flight and keep the ball in the air longer.

That’s what the technology claims but at the end of the day it comes down to personal taste and the ability to strike the ball in the middle of a square face.

Callaway says the HX 2-Piece Blue has a slightly softer seamless cover and core configuration for increased spin, while the Red version is slightly firmer for greater potential distance.

A 12-ball cube will cost £27.99.

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