Clean your balls and spikes!

New products from Ball Brite and Champ plus GoKart and Glenbrae

Clean your balls and spikes!
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Ball Brite pouch

Three new products have come on the market to help golfers keep their equipment clean - a Ball Brite ball cleaner and a Champ Spike rake and Pro Soft brush to unclog debris from the soles of your golf shoes.

The compact, leak-free Ball Brite pouch clips to your belt loop or golf bag, stays wet inside and when you pop your golf ball into it, it comes out clean – and dry avoiding messy, unsightly towels. Its neoprene, non-stitched lining absorbs water and traps dirt.

spike cleaner
Pro Soft Spike brush

The Ball Brite (£12.95) comes in bronze, platinum and gold colours, is machine washable and will even clean the heads of your irons.

For more information, visit:

The CHAMP Spike Rake (£4.99) has seven spring-action prongs to get right among the cleats and dislodge even the most stubborn grass and mud, while the Champ Pro Soft Spike Brush (£6.99) deep cleans all spikes with its range of bristles. each has a handy carabiner to clip the devices to your bag. Both are available from most golf accessory shops and websites.

golf trolley
GoKart's colourful range

Canterbury-based GoKart
is opening a distribution centre in Holland to promote its award winning electric trollies to golfers in mainland Europe and has celebrated with the launch of a range of new colours in it’s ultra modern cutting edgedesign.

The GoKart sells for £199 with more details available from

Performance knitwear

Glenbrae Golf
is introducing two new shirt styles - Scotty and cotton pique for men and Melba, a classic women's style.

The Scotty has a three button and is available in white, black, navy, raffa yellow, (a Ash Marl, chilli, and dusk blue, priced at £ 24.99

Melba cotton polos are in similar colours with the addition of rose and also cost £24.99.

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