Cobra responds with Transition S clubs

Composite irons and hybrids aimed at golfers who generate moderate swing and ball speeds.

Cobra responds with Transition S clubs
Cobra Golf Transition S set
Cobra's new Transition S set of eight clubs

With the decreasing popularity of traditional long irons in a set and the move towards replacing them with rescue-style clubs, Cobra Golf, one of the game's early hybrid innovators (with its Baffler hybrid), is introducing its own take on the changing face of equipment.

During its current round of demonstration dates around the UK, it is launching its King Cobra Transition S clubs - a set of eight integrated clubs for players who generate moderate swing and ball speeds. The set helps them make the transition from utility metals (replacing 4- and 5-iron) to hybrids ( 6- and 7-iron) to wide-sole irons (8- and 9-irons, pitching and sand wedge).

"Three distinct technologies in one complete set provide the highest level of forgiveness," says Cobra Golf's president Jeff Harmet.

Cpbnra Golf Transition irons
Close-up of types of clubs in the set

“Based on our experience with speeding tuning, we identified a need and opportunity to create a complete set designed to maximize forgiveness, carry distance and accuracy for moderate ball speed players,” he says.

Designed with higher MOI (moment of inertia currently found in the latest square drivers to keep the clubface more stable at impact) to maximize forgiveness and a low-back centre of gravity to optimise launch, the aim is minimise distance gaps between clubs so the average player has the right club for every shot, tee to green.

Cobra says its offset utility metals have a wide-sole and low crown design and create draw bias to get the ball airborne, smoothly and sweetly with the correct ball flight. The hybrid irons have a hollow body construction for higher launch and carry as well as improved accuracy, while the wide-sole shorter irons with their urethane-filled back cavity help generate higher ball flight, spin and feel.

King Cobra Transition-S sets (4- to SW) are now available in mens, womens and senior models with Cobra/Aldila NV-HL graphite shafts at a suggested retail price of £599.

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