Developing a trolley good idea!

Golfmagic gets to influence the way a new trolley bag from Kaala Golf is created.

Developing a trolley good idea!
Kaala Evolution golf trolley

The thought of taking your golf clubs abroad is nearly always accompanied by a sense of dread and anxiety. Will they actually get there - and in one piece?

Imagine then, pulling your clubs to the airport check-in desk in a secure, stylish trolley; remove the wheels and wave them goodbye until you arrive at your destination. On arrival you re-attach the wheels and head straight for the tee!

Step up the latest Evolution trolley from Kaala Golf, which played centre stage when Golfmagic arrived to put it through its paces.

Joined by GM members Nick Harrington, Alan Taylor, Raj and Sanjit Atwal, Mike Jones, chief designer Joe Smith and sales manager Don Cregeen, Kaala invited us to the impressive Players Club near Bristol to give a group of pre-production Kaala trolleys a thorough testing.

Early impressions were positive. The slick black and green styling certainly turned heads, both on and off the course.

Transferring clubs from bag to trolley was a trouble free operation, simply by aligning the club selector dial then inserting each club into position. It’s held in place with a shaft-gripping clip with the putter fitting neatly and accessibly under the main carousel.

So, to the on course testing! We set off for the first with six two-wheeled versions, an electric model and a prototype tri-wheeled design. Incidentally, late for our 11.40 tee time after an impromptu Q&A with some passers-by!

We were soon familiar with the dial system and the Gatling gun-style access to each club, presented grip first to allow excess water to run off in wet conditions.

Loading clubs into the trolley

Sanjit was impressed with the manoeuvrability and speed of the electrically-driven model. "It didn’t struggle on any hills and the drum-shaped front wheel made the handling much easier than a traditional trolley," he said.

Some testers preferred the three-wheeled version.

"The two-wheeler was heavy to pull uphill but the three-wheeled design was a definite improvement," said Nick

Among the constructive feedback were concerns over the durability and ease of use of the handle, something the Kaala engineers had already spotted. A standard ‘spade’ handle is already in the pipeline and over bumpy shale and gravel an insecure door is having an improved fastening. Detachable pockets also came unbuttoned when the load became too heavy.

The individual identity of the bag/trolley combination was also mentioned together with how best to balance the trolley when parked on slopes.

Nick Harrington with the two and
three-wheeled models

As for the in-built video screen for on-course swing recording and playback, it may yet be omitted from the final top-of-the range models. However, grateful for the feedback - the Kaala Golf team will be reporting back with their improvements and arranging a second test day soon.

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