Golf insoles to help you slim!

SlimSoles claim to help you shed pounds while you're driving, chipping and putting!

Golf insoles to help you slim!
Slim soles
Slim Soles

A new golf shoe insole has been launched which the makers claim will help you lose weight while you play!

Most of us will have made a recent New Year resolution to reduce our bacon buttie portions and cut back on the calorie intake in our post-round pint but few of us carry out our threats.

Dr Metz Slimsoles, launched by Tower Health, may be the revolutionary answer and help us into our smartest golf gear but also get out of our own way while we’re swinging the club.

Slimsoles use the principles of reflexology and acupressure to help encourage weight loss and while
you wear them they stimulate reflex zones on the feet, corresponding to different organs of the body, including those responsible for obesity and poor digestion.

The nobbly surface of the Slimsoles help affect the internal structures in the body such as the stomach, liver, bowels, gall bladder, kidneys, solar plexus and lymphatic system, say the distributors, helping digestive organs work more efficiently.

Allegedly, clinical studies of the soles have revealed weight loss of up to 10lbs in just six weeks, without major dieting or increases in level of exercise.

Says Dr Robert Metz: "Being overweight and having digestive problems is often the result of improperly functioning internal organs. Over 5,000 years ago, the Chinese showed that the internal organs could be stimulated by acupuncture on the soles of the feet. My slimming soles have been developed on this principle."

Slimsoles are available in a range of sizes Tower Health, priced at £19.95. For more information contact Tower Health on 08450 066 077 or visit

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