Lamkin takes a grip with new i6 3GEN

New Europe-exclusive model, plus options for wedges and adjustable clubs

Lamkin takes a grip with new i6 3GEN

Lamkin has taken a firm grip on golf clubs this season by launching the i6 3GEN as part of its 2012 collection.

The i6 3GEN, claims Lamkin, has been specifically created for the needs of European golfers who require excellent feel and control whatever the weather conditions.

Lamkin adds the grip features the brand’s proprietary vibration-dampening 3GEN synthetic rubber compound and delivers outstanding, while two distinct surface patterns help maximise traction and comfort.

The R.E.L. 3GEN assortment of grips now includes 11 new colour options in undersize, standard, midsize and oversize models to ensure every golfer can find the perfect fit to help lower their scores. 

“Playing a well-fit, high quality grip is the first step towards shaving strokes off your game,” says Lamkin’s President and CEO Bob Lamkin.

“That’s Lamkin’s mission: to help golfers play better. We wake up every day with that goal in mind.”

Adjustable club users will also appreciate Lamkin’s orientation-free R.E.L. 3GEN 360-degree grip which enables users to accommodate their set-up without compromising clubhead position, while the new Lamkin Performance Plus 3GEN Wedge grip features two visual ‘buttons’ located 1.5 inches apart to result in more consistent swings.

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