Leica Pinmaster II flag-finder

Latest distance-measuring device

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Fri, 25 Feb 2011
Leica Pinmaster II flag-finder

Leica has revealed an updated version of its laser rangefinder. The Leica Pinmaster II is designed to give golfers a close-up view of the course by measuring the precise distance to each pin, enabling better club selection within seconds.

The new version, say the makers, offers an even clearer LED display for more accurate measurement, up to a maximum distance of 825 yards - even though I've yet to hear of a par-5 or even a par-6 of that distance (unless you know different!).  

The LED adjusts automatically to ambient light and is particularly useful in bright sunlight 'with a sharper visibility, brighter read-out and more balanced contrast.'

Additionally, a water-repellent lens coating - Leica AquaDura - has been applied to ensure that even in the worst conditions, water droplets don't distract the view. It also makes the lens easier to clean.

The Leica Pinmaster II has a single button operation using ‘First Target Logic’ technology to  pick out the pin, rather than tree branches, long grass or other objects behind it.

Compact and watertight to a depth of a metre, the Pinmaster II is durable and includes a handy dioptre setting for golfers who wear spectacles.

Says Jon Sareen, commercial manager of Leica Cameras: “This highly accurate rangefinder is invaluable for any golfer wishing to improve their handicap. And the new dual measurement system of yards and metres means it's easy to switch to local setting when playing abroad.”

The price of £495 includes a case, battery and carrying strap. Authorised Leica dealers, including the Leica Store in London's Mayfair can be found at www.leica-storemayfair.co.uk or by calling 0207 629 1351.