Mickelson's Augusta 2-driver strategy

Lefty includes 6-degree 'bomber' for Masters

Mickelson's Augusta 2-driver strategy

Phil Mickelson has revealed that he will again adopt a two-driver strategy at Augusta National this week if the weather develops as it is forecast - fine and warm.

He will drop one of the Callaway X-Forged irons he used to great effect in winning the Shell Houston Open last week and instead carry a longer-shafted 46-inch Callaway RAZR Hawk driver with 6.2 degrees of loft as well as the RAZR Hawk Prototype (7.5 deg) that's 45-inches in length.

Both drivers have a 70-gram, X-flex Fubuki Prototype shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon.

"With the longer shaft I'll try to get another 15 or 20 yards out of it," he said, "in case I want to try to carry the bunker on Holes 1, 2, or 8."

In Houston Mickelson discovered a tiny crack in the driver he was using but an official refused to let him change it mid-round on Thursday as it could not be substantiated that (according to Rule 4-3) is had been damaged during the normal course of play.

Two identical drivers were hand-delivered from Callaway HQ in San Diego the next morning by Callaway’s senior vice president of research and development, Briton Alan Hocknell and Mickelson used one to shoot 63-65 on the weekend and win his 39th PGA Tour event.

"This one is made from a casting as opposed to machine face, which makes the titanium a lot stronger," he explained. "On some of these drivers that we've tried we have to machine them and so sometimes titanium isn't quite as strong. Now it won't be an issue."

The Razr Hawk Prototype sits alongside the Razr Hawk and the Razr Hawk Tour drivers all constructed with a body made of a lightweight but strong Forged Composite and titanium face. Clubhead size, centre of gravity location and shaft length are the only differences.

According to sources at Callaway, lofts are measured on a digital loft and lie machine and when Mickelson brought his 'bomber driver' to the Callaway tour van, he requested it be carefully bent from 5.9 degrees to 6.2.
So what makes way for the extra driver this week?

 “I won’t need a 3-iron or a hybrid, so the longest iron I’ll have is a 4-iron," says Mickelson. "Really, into the par-5s and the par-3s, I won’t need anything more than a 4-iron.”
Seems like the left-handed Masters specialist has everything in his bag under control.

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