More r7 fairway woods from TaylorMade

Versatile r7 Steel and r7 Ti fairway metals with interchangeable weights add new dimension to shots off the turf

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Tue, 21 Feb 2006
More r7 fairway woods from TaylorMade

The r7 Steel fairway wood
r7Steel fairway wood

Using the moveable weight technology that has made its r7 drivers the most versatile, from Tour pro to club golfer, TaylorMade has unveiled two new fairway metals – the r7 Steel and r7 Ti.

The r7 Steel has a more traditional, compact head and shallow face with two interchangeable weighted bolts (2 and 14 grammes).

It also features a choice of TaylorMade RE*AX 70 graphite shaft with a slightly stiff tip to promote a medium-height trajectory (X, S, R, M, L flexes) or True Temper Dynamic Gold Lite steel shaft (X, S, and R flexes).

The r7 Steel created for players who want to promote either a neutral ball flight or a right-to-left ball flight, depending upon how the TLC cartridges are configured. TM tests indicate shot-shape movement could be up to 15 yards.

r7ti fairway metal
r7Ti fairway metal

The r7 Steel will be available in Tour Spoon 3-wood (13 degrees), 3-wood (15), 4-wood (16.5), 5-wood (18) and 7-wood (21). Available in April 2006 the suggested retail price is £169 (graphite shaft) or £149 (steel) shaft

The r7 Ti is more forgiving and includes similar moveable weights, pull-face construction, titanium clubface, and a head 15% larger than the r7 Steel.

It will be available with a TaylorMade RE*AX 60 graphite shaft with a soft tip to encourage a higher launch and longer carry (X, S, R, M and L flexes). Recommended price is £229 and availability is in 3-, 5-and 7-wood.

The wrench, necessary for removing and installing TLC cartridges in TaylorMade drivers and fairway metals, is sold separately from most TaylorMade retailers