Nike to launch the Juice ball

It claims 'ginormous and hugantic' distance for golfers looking to put the fun factor back into their game.

Nike to launch the Juice ball
Juice ball - available in February

I once helped launch a website and gave it the title '' based on the term used to describe the explosive energy imparted on a golf ball and the internet slang word for the power of a website to turn up in search engines. But the owners, after registering the name, decided ''ll never catch on,' changed it and eventually abandonned it.

Coincidentally, Nike this week launched a new ball called 'Golf Juice 312' with claims for 'ginormous and hugantic distance' in a bid to 'bring some fun back into serious technology.' Perhaps I should have patented the title but I'll take solace in the fact that perhaps I was six years ahead of my time!

Designed and developed by Nike Golf’s director of ball creation, the dramatically named Rock Ishii, and his team of engineers, the Nike Juice ball will be available in February for golfers seeking confidence in length and direction.

Nike says it wants its consumers to know that Juice is a sign of hope for those who have battled the psychological challenges of flat ball flight, minimum distance and the endless search for perfect contact.

The packaging also delivers tongue-in-cheek warnings including 'while the flight and trajectory of the Juice ball are extraordinary, this does not give the player the ability to fly.' It adds: 'Nike recommends that golf be played responsibly - The Juice is not available in chewable form.'

The two-piece Juice ball is said to compliment low- to mid-swing speeds with its 312 dimples and high velocity core combining to 'maximise carry, minimise drag and increase hang time.' Likely cost is £20 per dozen.

To re-inforce its fun factor Nike Golf technicians have been experimenting by driving the Juice ball through cake, jelly and fruit in the lab.
Check it out.

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