Odyssey launch new Odyssey Works putter range

'Feel, meet roll' - Odyssey launch new breed of putters.

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Wed, 7 Jan 2015
Odyssey launch new Odyssey Works putter range
Odyssey Works introduces Fusion RX

Odyssey has launched a new range of Odyssey Works putters that merge two of the brand’s most successful technologies.

Odyssey Works putters use a new insert called Fusion RX that combines Odyssey’s famous White Hot insert with a new 0.406mm stainless steel mesh that is similar to the company’s Metal-X insert.

The putter specialists say the idea behind Odyssey Works was to combine the soft, consistent feel of the "winningest" insert of all-time with the roll benefits of the Metal-X insert pattern. 

“Feel, meet roll,” said Odyssey's Nick Foley.

“The difference between Fusion RX and Metal-X is this an extremely thin metal face. It's a foil, virtually, and forms a better mechanical lock as it gives you the friction you're looking for to put a better roll on the putt. It also feels much softer off the face. 

“RX achieves forward roll in a much sooner time, too, so that means less skidding - but that doesn't work if you hit down on the putt, not that many of us do. It also rolls the ball straighter - the 2-Ball Fang is 36% more accurate than any other 2-Ball - and gives the golfer better distance control.”

Odyssey Works also takes full advantage of the company’s Versa paint, using contrasting silver and black lines to help golfers align better. 

Players can choose either Versa (Odyssey predicts 75% of sales) or standard alignment, Tank weighting (more forgiving due to back weighting) or standard weighting, as well as SuperStroke grip (additional £20 charge) or standard Winn grip. 

Models in the Odyssey Works line include #1, #1Wide, #7, #9, V-Line, 2-Ball Fang, #1Wide Arm Lock, #1Wide Tank, #7 Tank and Rossie #1 Tank, and are available from £149. 

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