PING introduces Serene clubs for women

Drivers, metals, hybrids, irons and putters can capture key share of a growing market

Alex Perry
Thu, 26 Jul 2012

Whether it's a reflection of Olympic athleticism or merely the need to stay healthy and keep in shape, there's a definite boom in activity toward women's golf by the major brands.

Many see an opportunity to provide bespoke equipment for women golfers that satisfies their competitive intuition and the Gainsborough-based company is determined to put the PING in shopping when it comes to golf club purchase.

The Serene family has been specifically engineered for female golfers.  

“Our newest products continue our emphasis on custom-engineering - designing technology that meets the needs of distinct player profiles,” says PING chairman John A. Solheim.

“Through extensive research and analysis, which includes player testing of every skill level we’ve advanced performance in several categories. 

“For example, the Serene driver for women features a high-balance-point shaft, which allowed us to lengthen the shaft by a half- inch while maintaining the same overall weight so women can swing a longer club to generate more distance.”
With its large, forgiving head and wider hitting surface, PING claims the 45-inch Serene driver offers women golfers longer, more accurate tee shots.

Priced at £239 and available in three lofts (10.5, 12 and 14-degrees), it has two lightwieght shaft options (52 and 45g) and a centre of gravity nearer the grip end to generate more clubhead speed.
Serene fairway woods are available in three lofts (18, 22 and 26-degrees) with an external weight pad in the confidence-inspiring low profile head to produce a high launch and and more forgiveness. RRP £159 in 3, 5 and 7-wood.
In the Serene hybrid/iron set, customers can blend 4, 5 and 6-hybrids with perimeter-weighted irons to launch the ball higher with moderate spin to maximise slower swing speeds.  

The irons have a deep centre of gravity and wide sole to help make the lofted irons more forgiving and stable and playable from the toughest of lies. Again lightweight shaft options are available. RRP £129 for each of the hybrids and £95 per-iron (5-PW) with a 52-degree sand iron and a 58-degree lob wedge also available.  

PING is also introducing Serene putters, featuring variable-groove-depth technology to deliver crisp feel, consistency and forgiveness.  

Fitted with PING's AVS Serene grip by Winn, Anser 2, B60 and Shea models cost £120, while the Craz-E Too costs £140.

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