PING TR Cadence Anser 2 putter review

PING Cadence TR putters feature different coloured inserts - but do they make a difference?

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Thu, 11 Jun 2015
PING TR Cadence Anser 2 putter review

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The new PING Cadence TR Anser 2 putter proved one of the most consistent blade putters in our 2015 test. 

PING has advanced its putter fitting this season by using different-weighted face inserts to match a golfer's stroke tempo and feel preference.

Traditional-weighted models feature a blue aluminium insert and typically fit golfers with mid-to-faster tempos, while the heavier black stainless steel insert is suited to a more moderate tempo. 

Even when we did not quite hit the putt out the centre of the insert, we found mis-hits still rolled up to gimme distance – and this is all down to PING’s True Roll technology grooves that provide forgiveness by normalising ball speeds across the face.

Distance control from long range was superb and short putts were going down more often than not. Of the 20 putts we hit from inside 10 feet, 11 of them saw the dark. 

The sound off the face provides a perfect blend of softness and crispness, while we received a lovely smooth roll on centre strikes and strong levels of feedback on off-centre hits. 


The PING Cadence TR Anser 2 is quite possibly the strongest blade putter on the shelves right now. While there are eight models in the new PING putter range, the more traditional Anser 2 model worked best for us with the heavier black insert. We think there are far worse things to spend £163 on.