Scotty Cameron Select Roundback putter review

The Scotty Cameron Select Roundback putter oozes class - but why?

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Thu, 11 Jun 2015

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The new Scotty Cameron Select Roundback putter represents one of our favourite mid-mallet putters in the game.

The putter integrates a precision-milled 303 stainless steel body with an aluminium sole plate for a higher MOI (putter head's resistance to twisting), a larger sweetspot and a remarkably solid feel that is arguably the nicest we have experienced this season.

The red criss-cross sight line on the flange of the putter delivers instant visual confidence over the ball. If you are English you may feel a tinge of patriotism.

Putts were rolling nice and true throughout our testing and we found it to be full of forgiveness, no matter what sort of stroke we put on it.

Distance control on long putts was about as strong as it gets, six-foot putts felt like gimmes and of the 20 balls we dropped from inside 10 feet, we holed 12 of them. 

The feel off the face is not too hard or too soft, the head is nicely weighted and there was great feedback to be had on off-centre strikes.

Everything just feels right about this putter, from the minute you clasp hands on its comfortable, chunky red grip to the moment you pluck the ball out the cup. 


While the Select Roundback is unfortunately very expensive at £279, you cannot put a price on holing more putts. If you have the cash to splash, get involved with this gorgeous mid-mallet putter.