Ping's latest putter launch

Putter kings revealed the latest equipment to get the ball in the hole quicker...

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Thu, 4 Sep 2003

Ping G2I centre-shafted putter.

Ping is launching a new family of nine putters to bolster its already outstanding reputation as makers of equipment designed to hole more putts.

The latest is the Ping G2i series with distinctive blue insert cavity face, which chairman John Solheim claims creates a softer feel.

"Improving the performance of our putters is a never-ending process," he says. "We focused on the feel in the new series. The polypurfelan insert is softer than any insert we’ve ever designed which we believe will provide the feel, touch and control golfers need."

He adds: "Feel is hard to quantify. It’s a combination of the feedback through your fingers and the sound you hear."

The G2i group includes mid-length, centre-shafted and long putters with prices ranging from £100 to £115.



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