Rose boost for swing-fitting

Star player visits TaylorMade Performance centre

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Thu, 19 May 2011
Rose boost for swing-fitting

Justin Rose described the newly established TaylorMade Performance Lab at Wentworth as “truly incredible” after using its innovative Motion Analysis Technology (MAT-T) and TrackMan system yesterday (Wednesday) to see how his golf swing has improved.

The 30-year-old, who was kitted out in 28 reflective points on all pivots of his body, saw every aspect of his swing analysed from head to toe - as the MAT-T system gathered vital swing data using multiple high-speed cameras and specially-designed software.

“TaylorMade have come up with something truly incredible,” said Rose, describing the club-fitting facility launched in October 2010.

MAT-T distils the information to create a three-dimensional computer-animated swing image that’s viewable from every angle, and executes a multitude of calculations and measurements to create an in-depth set of personal, data-driven recommendations for every club in the bag.

“It’s mind blowing to see the exact degree of how far out you are [in your optimum golf swing]; it takes away the guessing,” added the Englishman, who will be competing in next week's BMW PGA Championship on the nearby West Course.

“Top coaches around the world can now use this technology to work on achieving the best results for their players.”

Rose was also delighted to see the dramatic transformation in his swing to that of 2005, which was pre-loaded into the computer.

“My left arm is a lot higher and the clubhead face, left arm and shoulders are all in one plain, whereas there’s a break of the clubface and my left arm that's much lower six year ago. I am really pleased to see that.”

Rose then moved on to the second step of the fitting - TaylorMade’s TrackMan analysis. It's a high-tech, computer-driven tool that uses ‘Doppler Radar’ technology to capture and deliver real-time data and graphics, including a three-dimensional image of trajectory.

TrackMan breaks down the elements of individual shots and reports on launch angle, spin-rate, smash factor, initial velocity, carry distance and roll.

TaylorMade’s lab manager Adrian Rietveld, who helped analyse the 2011 Rose swing, made it clear that club fitting is designed to help golfers of all abilities to optimise their performance.

“If I look at someone with a 30-yard slice, I might not be able to turn him into a professional overnight, but I can certainly help reduce the slice to 15 yards,” said Rietveld. “I can fit him to his potential and bring up these numbers to look at his attack angle and clubhead face, telling him what he is doing wrong.”

Rose was also impressed. “Your swing doesn’t have to look pretty, as long as you’re achieving good numbers and good angles,” added the World No.28. “It’s really important to get instruction before buying clubs and this facility at Wentworth is perfect. 

“It can help me but it can also help the high handicapper.”

Wentworth is the only English facility to provide golfers with this custom fit experience – providing golfers of all abilities with the same treatment that any Tour professional would receive.

The cost of a fitting is £200 for 14 clubs or £100 for a driver fit – the session lasts two hours and golfers are presented with a Wentworth branded Adidas shirt and one dozen TaylorMade Penta golf balls (total retail value £98) on arrival. To book an appointment call Wentworth Golf Club on 01344 846306.