Taylor Made - Bubble Shaft award

The innovative Bubble shaft wins yet another award!

Taylor Made - Bubble Shaft award

Taylor Made wins award for innovative Bubble Shaft

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) announced that the Taylor Made Bubble Shaft has won the bronze award in the Designs of the Decade: Best in Business 1990-1999 Awards Competition.

Formed in 1965, IDSA is the association dedicated to representing the industrial design profession to business, government, education, the media and the general public and to serving that profession’s information, education and networking needs.

The IDSA awards the Taylor Made Bubble shaft based on the product’s effect on marketing and financial performance as well as its strategic, design and social impact.

Originally designed in 1994, Taylor Made Golf, Salomon and Nissan Design International collaborated to create the Bubble shaft design.

Philippe Besnard, Taylor Made’s design centre manager, along with 35 additional award recipients, was on hand to accept the Taylor Made award.

“The design success of the Bubble shaft was in large part due to its creative design,” stated Dick Rugge, vice president of product creation for Taylor Made-adidas Golf.

“Taylor Made has used the Bubble as a springboard to expand our use of world class design in golf products." He added.

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