Titleist's new 2011 golf balls

Improved flight and spin characteristics for ProV1 and ProV1x

Titleist's new 2011 golf balls

Titleist, says it has raised the bar in golf ball technology, yet again, by launching its 2011 Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls.

Already the balls have proved successful in the hands of many of the world’s leading players, having been tested at the highest level of competition and now Titleist is ready to release them to a wider audience.

More than 100 tour players have made the switch to the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x since prototypes were first available in October. Most notably Padraig Harrington became the first winner with the new Pro V1x when he captured the Iskandor Johor Open in Malaysia – the first time he teed up the golf ball in competition.

“Golf is a game of continuous improvement and serious golfers want to get better,” Titleist’s Mary Lou Bohn told me in a conference call from California recently. “We care about golfers’ games and will only introduce a new golf ball if it truly performs better and helps them shoot lower scores.

“We have tested and validated the performance of the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x with players throughout the pyramid of influence with resoundingly positive performance feedback.”

So what’s new about the new ProV1, which Titleist claims has increased spin control, more consistent flight and exceptional distance?

Bill Morgan, head of Titleist ball research and development claims advanced performance is a result of innovative core technology and the combination of a urethane elastomer cover. The 352 dimple design, compared to 392 previously, generates better aerodynamics, he says and a more penetrating ball flight, which holds its line in the wind.

Morgan adds that the key features of the new Pro V1x’s 328 ‘tetrahedral’ dimple design make the ball ‘exceptionally efficient aerodynamically.’

“The combination of the Pro V1x’s higher trajectory and very low spin results in longer distance,” he says.

“Obviously, distance gains depend on the individual player but those pros who play the Pro V1x tell us they have noticed that it peaks further downrange and carries farther than its predecessor. They also experience excellent performance in windy conditions.”

Though a Tour pro rarely uses the same ball for more than a handful of holes - chiefly for superstitious reasons and hardly ever after a bogey - the new Titleist balls are said to be extremely durable. Both models will be available in traditional dozen boxes and three-ball sleeves in February. Retail prices have yet to be released for the new balls.

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