Use your Grey Matter

Never Compromise...perhaps the most distinguishable putters on TV...

Martin Park
Sat, 19 Aug 2000

'Never Compromise' is currently the top putter on the LPGA and Senior Tour in the United States and after much success, it is now over here in the UK and doing well.

With a distinctive new look, the grey and black putter is reaping the benefits of Visual Technology or VT, as the company puts it.

Never Compromise putters have won countless Professional tournaments on the PGA Tour, LPGA and Senior Tour. And if Jean van de Velde hadn't become discombobulated down the 18th at Carnoustie, NC Putters would have won the Open Championship in their first year on sale in the UK.

So far, the putter has been number one on the Senior and LPGA Tour every week on American soil and it is gaining a big following on the main tour. But with the top professionals happy to stick with the putter that got them where they are, the progress is understandably slower, but it's happening now with Casey Martin, Jean Van de Velde among others using the NC putter.

Never Compromise captured 38 victories on the PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA Tours, and 42 victories worldwide, including the 1999 U.S. Women's Open. In addition to the 42 victories, over 160 players have used Never Compromise putters to claim over 280 top-ten finishes and to win over $41 million in official earnings.

In 2000, three of the top 10 putters on the PGA are using Never Compromise putters with John Huston leading the Tour with an amazing average of 1.66 putts per hole.

The design uses a soft polymer composite midsection known as ‘Gray Matter’. The new technology was more effective than an insert as it allowed the designers to push 90% of the weight of the putter towards the heel and toe, and the company claim it is the most heel-toe weighted putter on the market.

The idea behind the ‘Gray Matter’ is that you should use your brain (the grey stuff between the ears) to putt better. And the company logo of ‘Never lag up’ helps keep positive thoughts upstairs when you are on the green.

There are currently six styles to choose from in the range with a choice of lie and length to suit the individual with a suggested retail price of around £129.

The Z|I Alpha is a face-balanced mallet equipped with relief on the sole to reduce drag and a topline for better alignment. Its double-bend shaft has the optics of a single-bend shaft at address.

Alpha2 Now available in a left-handed model, The Z|I Alpha2 is a face-balanced mallet designed for players who want the feel and performance of a traditionally sized mallet, but with a sleeker, scaled-down putterhead. The Alpha2 is a full 15% smaller in head size than the original Z|I Alpha, yet shares the same shaft configuration and topline for ease of alignment.

BetaInspired by tour players who want a mid-sized blade, the Z|I Beta is a blade style putter with a longer hosel. It features more offset to keep the blade square at impact and has smoother lines and better optics than other putters of this type. Delta2

The Z|I Delta2 was also inspired by tour players looking for a mid-sized blade. The Delta2 has a completely re-engineered hosel design for improved optics. The putterhead's lines have been rounded and softened for a sleeker, more traditional look. Like the Z|I Beta, it has a longer hosel and more offset to keep the blade square at impact.

The Z|I Gamma is a blade with a more traditional size and feel. It uses a short hosel, shaft over design and has less offset for ease of alignment. The Z|I Gamma's softer lines and thinner topline lead to better overall optics.

The Z|I Kappa is the first face-balanced, blade style putter from Never Compromise. It features a single-bend shaft with hosel-less design for optimal heel-toe weighting. The free-flowing head design has extremely soft, clean lines, offering a blend of the best features of the other blade styles in the Z|I putter series.

For more information about Never Compromise, check out the website on and you can buy one there too!