Wilson Staff Dd6+ driver for 2007

Tiger-beater Harrington's currently testing the latest big stick in readiness for the new season

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Thu, 23 Nov 2006
Wilson Staff Dd6+ driver for 2007

Wilson Staff Dd6+driver
Stretch profile body

Padraig Harrington, who claimed a dramatic play-off victory over Tiger Woods in Japan this week, is currently testing the latest Wilson Staff Dd6+ driver with a view to putting it into play in the New Year.

Wilson claims it's the longest, most accurate driver they have ever produced and will be available to club golfers early in 2007.

It aims to deliver a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) and greater clubhead speed and features a deeper body, lower profile and longer face than its companion Dd6 driver. The makers say its overall design allows for an increase in clubhead speed of two miles an hour, which, combined with the higher trajectory off the tee, can add an average of six yards to your tee shots.

With a stretched profile and longer face it improves forgiveness and increases the launch angle, says Doug Wright, European business director for Wilson Golf, to help golfers them raise their game with greater distance and more accuracy.

Built for power and accuracy
Built for power and accuracy

It's the first time that a Wilson Staff driver has also been made available in an Offset version designed to correct a slice and with its 12 degrees of loft compliments the standard 10.5 and 13-degree options. The club features the UST Proforce V2 65 shaft, incorporating a firm tip for mid-high trajectory launch.

Recommended price will be £199.

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