Fan EJECTED from The Players for taunting Patrick Reed

Twitter reacts as a fan was removed from TPC Sawgrass during the first round of The Players Championship for asking Patrick Reed to sign his shovel.

Fan EJECTED from The Players for taunting Patrick Reed
Fan EJECTED from The Players for taunting Patrick Reed

I know I know, another Patrick Reed story. You might be bored of it but it's not our fault these videos end up on Twitter, so you're just going to have to deal with it. The Players Championship might be cancelled, but we still got a controversial moment during the first and only round that was played this week.

As Patrick Reed was walking along minding his own business, one spectator couldn't help himself and took the opportunity to give Reed a little stick for his much discussed sand incident all those months ago, by asking Reed to sign his shovel.

The spectator was then told by security that it was time for him to go and he was escorted away and of course, it didn't take long for the video to be seen by hundreds on Twitter.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below, or click the tweet above to see more...

"They're serious about this no autograph thing, huh?"


"Definitely a hack bothering a guy trying to do his best. Example of someone needing attention. He probably yells after tee shots and takes breakfast balls on the regular."

"Come on @PGATOUR this is ridiculous. He didn't raise his voice or be disruptive, so why is he being kicked out?"

"Wait, you got kicked out for THAT?! Did you do something prior to get a warning or anything?"

"Absolutely love this guy! If Reed doesn't like it he should stop cheating. He's been doing it since college and still hasn't learned his lesson."

"Get this guys address. Let’s buy him beer for at least the rest of the year"

"He should count himself lucky Kessler didn't physically assault him like he did the fan in Australia"

"I hope they keep cracking down on jerks like this guy. What is the purpose of doing something like that?"

"Patrick literally has staff walking with him kicking out fans with side comments? @PGATOURComms another bad look... the brand is more important than the fan."

"Are there rules that you can't have banter. They don't kick out the players for swearing, or abuse on the course. There would be no fans in English football, presume the same for most sports. Except golf seemingly"

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