Foxhills Club and Resort launch £7 million family-based venue

The Pavilion will open in May and the new venue will provide a valuable contribution to the local community in Surrey.

Tue, 13 Apr 2021

Foxhills Club and Resort launch £7 million family-based venue

Foxhills Golf and Resort are set to open The Pavilion, a new £7 million venue that will provide a number of leisure amenities suitable for families and holidaymakers.

The new facility will offer indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an art studio, three dance studios, functional fitness and group cycling, a new restaurant and many more features as well.


"At this extraordinary time, we all need something to look forward to," said Marc Hayton, the managing director at Foxhills. 

"The Pavilion will not only help to cement our place as a family club, but also as a valued business at the heart of the local community and will give a well-needed boost to the local economy.

"Family is a vital component to Foxhills’ ethos and has always been the bedrock of the resort. We want to give our members and the local community the facilities they deserve – even more so after the tough year everyone has had."

The Pavilion was designed by Michaelis Boyd and it will provide jobs for the local community and also a great experience for people who want to go on holiday in the UK.


This £7 million investment follows the refurbishment of the Fox dining halls, the opening of the Practise Den and the Yoga Cabin at Foxhills which were all completed in 2019.

Foxhills have made a superb addition to their current Olympic range of leisure facilities, which will offer more than 200 weekly classes for adults and children in activities such as football, golf, arts and crafts and zumba. 

The Pavilion was constructed with the current pandemic in mind. The new facility is spacious and airy with a state-of-the-art air exchange system to improve ventilation.



Many of the amenities on offer will provide outdoor classes with yoga, boot camp and power walking on the 4km woodland trail on the estate.

The Pavilion will be one of the most exciting developments in Foxhill's 46-year history, as it will provide a variety of different activities and experiences for adults and children.




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