Golf club stops public access during lockdown after "excessive damage"

Golf club in Merseyside prevents public access during the national lockdown

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Sat, 13 Feb 2021
Golf club stops public access during lockdown after "excessive damage"

A golf club that had previously allowed the public to walk across its course during the national lockdowns has decided to remove this access as a result of "excessive damage and dog fouling."

Hesketh Golf Club in Merseyside had permitted public access on its course during the first, second and third national lockdowns in England as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and had been praised for doing so, but the club has now been given no alternative other than to stop this luxury for locals. 



One of the biggest issues was damage to bunkers and multiple issues of dog fouling. 

"With regret Hesketh Golf Club must now remove access to the course for members of the public," read the club's 'Important Public Notice' message this week. 

"Excessive damage, dog fouling and safety / insurance matters have led to this unfortunate decision. Please follow all public footpaths and refrain from crossing our grounds. 



"Hesketh Golf Club is a private members' club funded by and run for its members. Whilst providing public access was important, protecting our grounds and facilities for our members is also vitally important."

The club is regarded on its website as "Southport's oldest golf club."

Despite lots of signage on the course informing the public as to where they were allowed to walk on the course, "too many people continued to flout those requests" according to those that manage the grounds. 

Golf courses continue to remain closed in England, Northern Ireland and Wales in the United Kingdom, however, courses in Scotland remain open.