Can you play like Tom Morris?

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to play with hickory clubs around an old fashioned golf course?

Can you play like Tom Morris?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play golf under the same conditions as the likes of Old Tom Morris and Allan Robertson, founders of the modern game of golf?

For some of you historical buffs, you will be pleased to learn of a new twist to the game in the 21st Century…returning to how the game was played in the 19th century with hickory shafts, gutta percha balls, tweed coats, plus fours and conditions of the course that would reflect accurately the conditions back in the late 1800’s.

Can you play like Tom Morris?
Course designer Willie Fernie (circa 1883)

Anyone in golfing circles who admits to having little or no interest to the historical aspects of the game is either pig ignorant or lying through the back of their teeth…it is what makes our game so great, the fact that you can play on the same courses as your heroes, both past and present and sometimes hit a shot that would be every bit as good quality as they would hit it too.

Harry & Alfie Ward have spent the last 4 years converting a barren hillside slope at Abington in Clydesdale back to it’s former raison de etre…a golf course.

But this course is significantly different from any other new course built in the world. This is an old course reincarnated to offer the golfer a taste of 19th century golf through a truly authentic experience.

Play at Abington incorporates the use of Hickory clubs and Gutty balls upon an original layout in it’s entirety. Don’t expect the manacurism of Augusta in the spring, nor the Old Links of St Andrews in summer – this course has been rebuilt to promote Clydesdale’s historic past with the “hands on” experience aimed at showing the modern golfer (through their own play) just how good the past Masters’ of golf really were!

Morris, Taylor, Braid & Vardon, Jones, Hagen and Sarazen to name but a few, would have played their golf under very similar conditions.

Can you play like Tom Morris?
Arbory Brae Golf links

The course was originally opened in 1892 and was designed by Willie Fernie of Troon, the Open Championship winner of 1883. It is a typical living example of a Scottish inland course of its time consisting of 9 holes over 1858 yards and set amid Clydesdale’s scenic hillsides.

Even the great Ben Crenshaw, two times Masters champion and custodian of the traditions of golf was impressed by the Arbory Brae Golf links when he visited.

“If your interested in turning back the clock over 100 years, then this golfing experience is a must. It's amazing how far golf has come,” said Crenshaw.

“It's nice see a group with a particular passion about the game of golf and it's history.”

Visitors to Abington can expect a warm welcome and are briefed before taking on the historic links themselves.

For those of you who would like to know more about Abington and the Arbory Brae Golf links, contact Harry and Alfie Ward by email or write to:

World Heritage Golf Links Ltd.

Arbory Brae golf course



ML12 6RW.

Or visit their website at

The challenge of Hickory golf awaits your call.

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