How to hit a 9-iron 200 Yards

Fancy your chances of becoming the next Tiger? Follow the instructions

How to hit a 9-iron 200 Yards

Anyone can play golf like Tiger Woods can, it's easy, honest. Just follow the "Tiger Test" in next month's Golf Digest magazine and you too can be the proud owner of a technically perfect swing, a $60m endorsement contract, a couple of Majors, a World number one ranking and a palatial mansion in Orlando.

If you REALLY aspire to play golf like World number One Tiger Woods, you had better get into some serious training.

We all dream of winning our big tournaments, Club Championships and local Open events, but to win three straight U.S. Amateur titles, a streak of six Tour wins and two Major victories before you are 24 years old requires training that the SAS would find hard to cope with.

In next month's Golf Digest magazine there is a cracking article called "Tiger Test," a dozen tests to see if you can match up to the quality of the World number One.

You can imagine that around the Pro Shops in the UK, most of the up and coming Assistants and low handicap Amateurs will be copying everything the Tiger does, from wearing his Sunday Red shirt in the Monthly Medal to flipping up balls on a wedge before ripping it down the range as he shows in the Nike advert on our screens.

But the tests in the magazine are something a little harder to master!
How about trying a bungee jump from a 200-foot bridge- backwards. Young master Woods didn't like the idea of seeing the floor moving up to him at terminal velocity, so he turned around--what a wimp!

Devour 14 Mexican tacos before you play in your club match. Woods couldn't manage that, he nearly did, eating 12 before he played. A school prank that a friend of his bet him to do.

Bench Press one and a half times your own weight. In Tiger's case that is about 120Kg.

Hit zero gravity in an F-16 fighter plane and keep hold of your bowels at the same time. Do you know anyone in the RAF?

And then there is the golf side of things. These are what your local Assistants will be practising on the range for the next few months…HELP!

Hit a 9-iron 240 yards and a putter 200 yards? Bounce a ball on the top of your driver 1,000 times and make 200 6-foot putts with one hand? Well, can you? Bet your mortgage that you will see this happening on a range near you soon!

Still fancy your chances of matching Tiger? Personally, I have two hopes, and Bob just left town!

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