Radar chomped by Shark

Greg Norman warns Wayne Riley and others about their responsibilities in public...

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Thu, 8 Feb 2001
Radar chomped by Shark

Greg Norman spoke today about professional sports personalities responsibilities when they are in public, citing the Wayne Riley incident last week at Perth airport when Riley was escorted off a plane after having a drunken argument with another passenger.

Riley, nicknamed "Radar" on tour, was fined by the PGA Tour of Australia for serious misconduct and bringing the game of golf into disrepute. Norman feels sorry for his fellow countryman but warned him and others like him of their responsibilities while in public.

"It is an embarrassing situation for him (Riley) and it is embarrassing for the game and our country. As much as we would like to let our hair down and have a few beers like we've all done, and we've all been a little bit wrong at times, you have to be very careful,” said Norman at his own tournament this morning.

"You are representing the game of golf and your country. That is part of the responsibility you have to accept.

"There is a time and a place where you can have a few drinks and do the things you want to do, but on an aeroplane full of people is not the place to do it."

"It is a lesson for Wayne to learn, I hope he learns from it and does not put himself in that position again.”