Stand aside Tiger, it


Fri, 26 Oct 2012

It’s been some week at Golfmagic. The Lynx Boom Boom 2 has raised temperatures on and off the course, Jesper Parnevik performed Gangnam Style, Britain’s longest golf hole went on sale, and some students set up a crazy golf course in their home.

And now flying sharks are taking over golf courses across the United States!

Okay, that was maybe a tad hyperbolic - but we’d be interested to hear a ruling on this one…

According to San Juan Hills Golf Club operations director Melissa McCormack, a course marshal at the track found a leopard shark writhing around on the fairway - presumably dropped by a bird of prey which could no longer cling onto its dinner.

Cart attendant Bryan Stizer reportedly used his break to drive the shark back to the Pacific Ocean, some five miles away.

“I thought it was dead,” he said. “When I dropped it into the water, he just lied there for a few seconds, but then he did a twist and shot off into the water.”

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