Ten of the Worst: Things that annoy greenkeepers!

Anthony Stockwell, former greenkeeper and now teacher of Sports Turf at a land based college in Kent, gives us his countdown from 10 to 1 of the worst things a golfer can do while in the greenkeeper

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Anthony Stockwell
Wed, 18 Dec 2013
Ten of the Worst: Things that annoy greenkeepers!

10. Not raking bunkers

Surprisingly enough, leaving a bunker unraked isn't a massive concern for a greenkeeper. It's not the correct etiquette, however, and is extremely unfair on the golfers behind you. Always rake the sand no matter how bad the shot!

9. Tearing up putting greens

The practice green on a golf course usually receives nearly three or four times as much play, spike marks and compaction as the other greens on the golf course. If you are going to practice your putting please try and use the far end of the putting green, as this is the part of the green that is quite often used not as much as the point on the green where access is made.

8. Littering

Quite simply please use the bins on the golf course. In the Autumn when the rough is cut on the perimeters on the course, quite often this reveals a long chain of litter on the course. Please pick it up and put it in the bin!

7. Not taking divots responsibly on practice range

Divots close together in a line will recover twice as quickly and will not require as much expensive seed to recover.

6. Leaving rake outside of bunker

Bunker rakes should always be left inside of the hazard. If a golf course has 70 bunkers, it should have over 100 rakes for the golfers to rake their footprints. If all of these are left outside of the bunker can you imagine how many times a greenkeeper will have to get off his machine to replace the rakes when cutting the surrounds of the bunker! Greenkeepers are not lazy people but during a lush period the surrounds of a bunker may have to be cut two or three times a week. Time is of huge value to greenkeepers and if they have to stop the mower and get off to remove a rake and put it back in a bunker at least 10 times, this will significantly affect the time and quality of the job.

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