How to STOP hitting the golf ball fat!

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Fri, 31 Mar 2017

Jordan Spieth had one sleeve in a second career Green Jacket as he stood on Augusta's iconic par-3 12th in the final round last year. The hole became even more famous after Spieth finished with it, producing arguably the most memorable moment in Rae's Creek. 

And sadly all for the wrong reasons. 

Standing on the tee with a couple of shots up on his nearest rival and eventual winner Danny Willett, the American plonked his tee shot in the water after misjudging his club, before taking a drop and then 'fatting' his ball into Rae's Creek en route to a quadruple-bogey seven.

“I’m not really sure what happened on the next shot,” Spieth said on his third shot into the green after taking a drop. “I just hit it fat.”

While Spieth has probably hit about one shot fat in about his last 5,000, for us amateurs, it's unfortunately a shot that is all too common on a Sunday.

Check out this simple drill with our resident PGA professional Duncan Woolger on how to NEVER hit a golf ball fat again...

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