Is this the MOST STAGED FALL seen on a golf driving range?

We have seen accidents in golf before, but was this fall genuine? 

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Thu, 8 Jul 2021
Is this the MOST STAGED FALL seen on a golf driving range?

Accidents can happen in golf with the presence of golf balls and clubs made of hard material, so it is important to be as safe as possible.

Some accidents can occur not only on the golf course but on the driving range too. At the driving range, you can meet golfers of all abilities and experiences, whether they are beginners or low handicapped players.

Some driving ranges across the UK and around the world are two-tiered, so you can hit your ball from a higher position. With the top tier at driving ranges, there is often a safety net that prevents balls, and also people, from falling below to the bottom tier.

This exact thing happened to a woman on the top tier of a driving range, however, she looked to fall in a very suspicious way.

As she takes her swing at the ball, she misses the ball and falls forwards into the net, but it appears that this swing wouldn't have necessarily made her fall in the manner that she did.

You can decide for yourselves as to whether she deliberately falls or not, but many golf fans commented their opinions on the video:

"Help, I've fallen, and I can't get 2M views," one fan said.

"Would be funny if it wasn't staged," one fan commented.

"Would of been funnier without the net," another fan said.

"Only the Italian soccer team flops better," another fan commented.

"Only the Italian soccer team flops better," one fan said.