Paige Spiranac explains "coolest moment of my life" with Tiger Woods

Golf glamour girl Paige Spiranac has revealed the short game lesson tip she received from Tiger Woods at one of his charity events.

Paige Spiranac explains "coolest moment of my life" with Tiger Woods
Paige Spiranac explains "coolest moment of my life" with Tiger Woods

Paige Spiranac has revealed Tiger Woods taught her how to play "the low spinner". 

The social media superstar gave her 3.7m followers a short game tutorial in her latest Instagram post. 

Paige - who stunned golf fans with this outfit over Christmas - outlines how to play the low spinner, a standard bunker shot, a touchy spin shot off a downhill lie and the flop shot made famous by Tiger's rival Phil Mickelson

You will have seen Tiger play the "spinner" a lot over the years. He uses it when he is faced with a tight lie or he has little or no green to work with. 

Sometimes both.

Tiger - who recently celebrated his birthday - played it once again during the PNC Championship in December when he played alongside his son Charlie Woods

Paige said that Tiger taught her how to play the shot during one of his charity events. 

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You can watch Tiger playing the shot below. Scroll right to the third video:

Here are the keys to each shot, according to Paige:

1. Low spinner - Tiger taught me this shot at his charity outing [coolest moment of my life] he said to open the face, choke down, hands forward, narrow and open stance, swing out to in, and weight on your front leg. 

2. Bunker shot - Wide stance, weight forward, open face, choke down, ball is slightly forward of centre, butt end of club at belly button, turn around your front leg, throw hands from the top, good tempo. 

3. Touchy spin shot off a downhill lie - Wider than shoulder length stance, open face, choke down, weight forward, throw the hands, and good tempo is extra important here. Let the club head do all the work, you don't need to force it. 

4. Flop shot - Identical technique to the bunker shot. If you master one, you master them both!

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