Paige Spiranac fans can't seem to handle her latest 'extra bouncy' golf tip!

Paige Spiranac is back with another golf tutorial: this time it's driving the golf ball. 

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Tue, 18 Apr 2023
Paige Spiranac fans can't seem to handle her latest 'extra bouncy' golf tip!

Paige Spiranac is back with another one of her handy golf tips and her fans can't seem to handle it. 

This time, the social media influencer is offering advice on how to hit the ball farther. 

That's right, driving! This time the tip is relatively simple: tee the ball higher and feel like you're hitting a draw, attacking the golf ball from the inside.

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Paige explained in the video:

"I know everyone says swing hard but really it's tempo, you're going to hit it farther if you find the centre of the club face, so feel like the fastest part of your swing is after you hit the ball."

Comments on the video included:

"Is it just me or anyone else noticed how 'extra' bouncy she was trying to be?!"
"Don't play golf, just think you're beautiful."
"My ego can't take this."
"I was looking at your pretty face the whole time. I'm proud of myself"

Watch the clip here: 

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'I'm done with Rory..."

Paige recently shared more details of her private life with an Instagram Q&A. 

She told her followers she met Rick Shiels in person at Augusta National and that she was officially 'done' with Rory McIlroy at The Masters after more heartbreak for the Northern Irishman. 










Paige also addressed her copycats, saying:

"They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery so I am proud to be an inspiration for all of these women. They've seen me be successful and they know if they copy exactly what I'm doing or follow in my footsteps and the exact path that I have created and built for myself that they will also be successful.
"That's pretty cool and shows how powerful my brand has been that if they do copy everything they will also be successful. I will say though that I do value creativity and I wish that it wasn't copied exactly, the exact outfit to how I do my hair, the captions and how it's shot.
"It would be nice if there was a little bit of a difference and I think it would actually be beneficial for them to be different and not have it be exactly, exactly the same." 

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