30 memorable Paige Spiranac moments as she celebrates her 30th birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday Paige Spiranac! Here's 30 of her best moments and cheeky one-liners! 

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Sun, 26 Mar 2023
30 memorable Paige Spiranac moments as she celebrates her 30th birthday!

Golf social media sensation Paige Spiranac turns 30 today, so what better time to celebrate her big day than look back on 30 of her most memorable moments, at least for us here at GolfMagic. 

If you aren't aware of who Paige is, she's golf's social media answer to Tiger Woods

Such is her popularity that even on Instagram she's got more followers than the big cat. 

Paige revealed plans for her birthday on her popular 'Playing A Round' podcast, which you can listen to here

Spiranac said: 

"I don't wanna do anything, I wanna cry about being old. We have thrown around a few ideas. So, I've never been to prom, ever, and we thought it would be fun to do like a prom-themed 30th birthday with mocktails, throwing it back to the high school days. I think that would be something that's really fun." 

In honour of Paige's 30th birthday, GolfMagic takes a trip down memory lane and lists 30 of her greatest moments. 

At least from our point of view...

1. The time she destroyed Phil Mickelson with this ruthless one-liner

2. When she created her new nickname, Alpha Jugs, in response to a spat with self-anointed 'Alpha Male' who complained about 'slow female golfers'. 

3. When she explained how looking at her chest is good for your health

4. How she ended up having a private golf lesson with Tiger Woods

5. When she teased the LIV Golf League players with this Salt Bae post.

6. When she joked about the last time you will get to see her cleavage as rumours swirled Twitter was about to shut down.

7. When she joked her family might not want to hang up her 2023 calendar. 

8. When she took on a troll who criticised her mother

9. How she absolutely roasted Bryson DeChambeau when the golfer couldn't work out the intricacies of a gallery rope

10. The time she roasted herself




11. When she attempted these celebrations for the World Cup. 

12. This exchange with PGA Tour player Max Homa

13. When she took the mick out of Rory McIlroy over his tee flick 'drama' with Patrick Reed.

14. When she wore this outfit for Valentine's Day. 

15. Her viral milkshake post. 

16. When she responded to the rumour she's dating Tom Brady. 

17. When she was voted Sexiest Woman Alive by MAXIM

18. The time she decided to open up over her 'failed' golf career

19. When she had a go at Keegan Bradley

20. When she made a hole-in-one in front of Gary Player




21. Her funniest one-liner ever with this golf tip. 

22. When she set up OnlyPaige in a clear nod to OnlyFans. 

23. When she wore this outfit for Halloween. 

24. How she defended this Olympic gymnast in the midst of a barrage of criticism

25. When she spoke about her worst dating experiences

26. When she spoke about the worst shot she has ever seen Jordan Spieth hit. 

27. When she revealed whether the ridiculous headlines written about her were true or false. 

28. The time she leapt to the defence of Tiger Woods over his tampon prank

29. How she responded to a fan asking if her breasts were real. 

30. This joke about her 'jugs'. 

Check out Paige's socials here: 

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