Paige Spiranac wants credit from girls copying her: "They wouldn't have a job"

Paige Spiranac has re-capped her 2022 by going through a number of audacious headlines written about her and whether or not they are true.

Paige Spiranac wants credit from girls copying her: "They wouldn't have a job"
Paige Spiranac wants credit from girls copying her: "They wouldn't have a…

Paige Spiranac put other female social media influencers in her cross hairs as she confirmed whether the audacious headlines written about her this year were true or false in her latest podcast. 

Speaking on the latest episode of Playing a Round with Paige Renee, the social media superstar went through a number of headlines that were written by the New York Post in 2022 and has provided the story behind them. 

You can scroll down to see the pick of the bunch. 

GolfMagic has picked out 11 that featured on the podcast. It appears that one particular headline that often does the rounds is other girls being referred to as "the next Paige Spiranac". 

Paige didn't hold back on her assessment of other girls, claiming that they wouldn't have jobs if she hadn't provided the blueprint for success. 

She said that in the end imitation is a form of flattery... 

Let's take a look!


"Paige Spiranac opens up on her sexy social media character"

Paige said this is true and that she plays a cheeky sexed up character. It's her online persona. "I see this is as performative art and if you're in on the joke you get it." 

Paige says she's the biggest troll of herself and wants her content to be light-hearted and fun, putting a smile on peoples' faces. 


"Paige Spiranac tells trolls to lighten up after milkshake video critique" 

Paige said this year she has been experimenting with her content. She admits there is a sexual undertone to her content and it's not to everyone's taste. If people don't like it, then don't follow, she said.


"Paige Spiranac reveals if she will ever re-marry again after traumatic divorce" 

Paige said this headline is "not the truth". What she said was taken out of context. She said divorce in general is traumatic for anyone. 


"Paige Spiranac reveals whether or not OnlyFans is in her future" 

Paige said she will never do nudity work. "I don't want to put myself in that situation," she said. 


"Meet the golf influencer drawing Paige Spiranac comparisons" 

Paige said she sees the headline a lot. She said it frustrated her in the beginning because outlets were using her name to market someone else.

She said:

"I'm not dead, I'm still here, I'm still thriving, I'm still doing what I'm doing. I'm not old, I'm not done." 

Paige added:

"I get a bit frustrated when people continuously copy everything that I'm doing, from the way that I talk to the way that I dress, the way that I shoot my videos to [the] headlines, the caption...everything is exactly the same. 
"I have created this blueprint for these girls to follow and it's easy to get frustrated by it but imitation is the greatest form of flattery so I think it is cool to think about this road that I have paved for all of these girls now to be able to make a living and to do what I do because I did it first and they can just follow the blueprint and be successful." 

Paige said she has got so many girls into golf and made golf cool. 

She continued:

"I've done so much to help the game and so to see something like that, it can be frustrating at first but when you really think about it I am proud of myself for pushing past it. It can be hard too because I receive so much criticism and I still receive so much criticism and some of them don't give me the credit of doing this first and paving this path for them to be successful." 
"If I didn't do this first then they would not be doing this and they would not have a job. It would be nice for them to acknowledge that instead of using my likeness and name to gain more followers." 

Scroll down... 


"Paige Spiranac: Unhinged fan threatened me at golf event over $10,000 scam"

This one is reportedly true. Paige said someone impersonated her online. 


"Paige Spiranac has one problem with VMAs performance featuring giant twerking hologram" 

Paige says she gets hate from parents for being "a bad role model". 

She said there are a lot of sexualised performances on television and that children aren't following her. 

Paige said parents should direct their attentions elsewhere, because what she is doing in comparison is not as bad. 


"Paige Spiranac calls out men for fat-shaming her on Instagram" 



"Paige Spiranac jumps into LSU gymnast controversy"

True, Spiranac was referring to Olivia Dunne


"Paige Spiranac uses Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo to show sex appeal double-standard" 

True, Paige is referring to this


"Paige Spiranac shows cleavage for the last time amid Twitter's demise rumours" 

False. People thought Paige was serious, but she was joking about Elon Musk's takeover of the social media company. 

Media credit: Instagram/@_paige.renee

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