Toptracer launches brand-new game mode: "Toptracer30"

Toptracer has designed Toptracer30 to bridge the gap between the golf course and the driving range by simulating pressure in a number of situations.

Toptracer launches brand-new game mode: "Toptracer30"
Toptracer launches brand-new game mode: "Toptracer30"

Industry-leading range technology provider, Toptracer, is today launching a brand-new game mode: Toptracer30.

The exciting new game mode puts players in 30 realistic virtual on-course scenarios and measures how successfully the player navigates them, providing a mountain of data in just 30 shots.

Each shot provides data which accumulates to a total score designed to offer an accurate and objective snapshot assessment of the player’s current performance level.

The new game mode has been designed as a bridge between the range and the golf course, simulating on-course pressure for players as they are tasked with a series of different situations.

Toptracer30 consists of nine tee shots and 21 approach shots, with each shot evaluated depending on several variables - ranging from distance and accuracy when driving, to hole proximity and greens hit when approaching.

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Toptracer launches brand, new game mode: "Toptracer30"
Toptracer launches brand, new game mode: "Toptracer30"

During gameplay, players are additionally provided with a series of ‘Insights’. As each is observed, evaluated and analysed, players are given real-time feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their performance during that play-through of Toptracer30.

Finally, upon completion of the Toptracer30 game, each shot is assessed and attributed to a ‘Performance Handicap’ - an estimated handicap that reflects the player’s performance across the entire 30 shots.

"Toptracer30 is yet another impressive innovation in our range of technology," said Ben Sharpe, Toptracer President.

"This new game mode provides players with brilliant insights into their performance, and it offers the player with an opportunity to health check their game in just 30 shots.

"We can’t wait to see how players, and indeed coaches, use this new game mode to further their game and make all-important improvements."



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