Toptracer Range: the best way to practice and enjoy your golf in 2019

GolfMagic heads to Silvermere Golf Club in Surrey to check out the very exciting Toptracer Range. 

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Tue, 11 Dec 2018

Remember those golf practice sessions where you literally slipped in your range token to collect your 50 balls before proceeding to whack them all away over the 200-yard marker without a care in the world. You may have even treated yourself to chip five balls in a basket, if you were feeling a little naughty.

Thankfully today, technological advancements have not only made playing golf on a driving range much more beneficial in terms of shot data and feedback a golfer receives, but made it loads more fun in the process - and the undisputed leader for this is Toptracer Range.

Watch our video review and read on below to learn more about Toptracer Range...


Those of you familar with the PGA Tour coverage on a weekly basis, will already be aware how much of a difference Toptracer has made to the  viewer being able to track where the golf ball is going as soon as the Tour pro has struck the ball.

It's incredible and it's quickly proving a game changer. Toptracer Range delivers all that and more to the amateur golfer looking to either improve their game, or simply just have fun with their family and friends. It will even appeal to first-time golfers, so there is something for everyone and that's what makes Toptracer Range so appealing and fresh to the golf industry.

So what makes it so exciting? Well, for starters, you can actually see where your golf ball ends up with a quick glance at the screen to your right.

Toptracer technology provides instant shot replays and statistical feedback on the shot the player has just struck, including carry distance, total, ball speed, launch, height and offline dispersion.

The advantages of all this are endless, but two of the big ones we found were making instant swing adjustments to improve on the next shot in hand, and well, instant bragging rights on longer shots with our friends.

But it's not just shot data, which let's face it, won't always appeal to every amateur golfer. That's where the different game modes come into their own, including longest drive, nearest-the-pin, a points game, and virtual golf - the latter of which allows you to play a number of the world's best golf courses such as Pebble Beach live from your own bay. 

The virtual golf feature really stood out for us, especially as it made every shot count on the range. Standing on the par-5 18th at Pebble Beach, you were essentially visualsing a shot that sailed over the water and peeled back to the right, avoiding the tree in the middle of the fairway. It made you zone in your target on the range and execute the shot. 

If you want to take things to a more advanced stage, you can also use the clever Toptracer Range Community App and link a personal profile that will allow you to access your entire history of shot data to help you improve every time you visit a Toptracer Range. It will also allow you to see where you rank against other players. 

Another nice touch is being able to see where your longest drive ranked at the end of your session in comparison to everyone else that day. That's probably one for the big boys and girls among you! 


GolfMagic loved every second of its first in-depth look at Toptracer Range at Silvermere Golf Club in Surrey, one of 30 locations offering the service in the UK right now.

The range was absolutely packed, and little wonder when you consider its full package today. Yes, Silvermere offers one of the best golf stores and driving ranges in the country, but the addition of Toptracer takes it to the next level. 

It was great to see so many youngsters and families engaging with the sport together, and also seeing a number of guys and girls clearly working hard on their games to hit the ground running on the golf course in 2019.

The beauty of Toptracer Range - which has increased its number of worldwide bays by 87% since the 2018 PGA Show - is that anyone can get involved, no matter their age and ability and we very much applaud that. The virtual golf feature was probably our favourite aspect of it, just because it made every shot count and also made things more competitive!

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