The video that is making all golfers ANGRY on Instagram this week

What is going on here then?! Golfers are fuming about this on the green. 

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Sun, 17 Apr 2022
The video that is making all golfers ANGRY on Instagram this week

Golfers have been angrily reacting to seeing some bizarre footage of a man dancing on a putting green, no doubt for a Tik Tok video. 

The video was initially posted by @rander229 and @breezygolf on Instagram and was then reshared by @thegolfmamba. 

We join the footage with a man dancing around a golf club while being filmed by his colleague, with bags and camera equipment all positioned on the green. 

The video we see is posted by someone back down on the fairway with the caption "I hate people" with an original audio being played over the top of it.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE - warning: video contains strong language



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"Why did this video make me so angry?" commented one golfer.

"Hit it into the green, that is exactly what I would be doing in this scenario" wrote another.

"It's actually proper etiquette to hit into them," said one golfer.

"Stinger target practice," wrote one golf fan.

"These people are going to grow up and wonder wtf was wrong with them making these pointless videos," commented another.

"I’m not hesitating one bit to hit into this green," said one golfer. 

"That’s when you unload you entire bag of balls with 4 iron stingers," wrote one golfer.

"Should be thrown out permanently," said another.

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