WATCH: Golfer hits AMAZING trick shot off large wall into the hole

This golfer attempted an almost impossible trick shot by bouncing his ball off a huge wall and trying to get it in the hole...

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Wed, 25 May 2022
WATCH: Golfer hits AMAZING trick shot off large wall into the hole

Everyone loves to see a great trick shot in golf and so far in 2022, we have seen some amazing efforts and some very creative ideas.

In the video below, we may have seen one of the most impressive trick shots of the year so far and it is courtesy of one man and a large wall.

If there is a wall near a green at your local golf club, there is only one thing that crosses your mind: Can I bounce my ball off that wall and into the hole?

This thought crossed the mind of every golfer involved in the video below. One of them stepped up to the plate and it is fair to say, he absolutely delivered.

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The man hit the perfect pitch that hit the wall near the top. It bounced back down on to the front of the green. The ball rolled down at a fair place, clattering the pin and dropping into the cup.

As soon as the ball disappeared underground, the group went wild. They jumped around the green and screamed in excitement. Can you blame them?

It is not clear as to how many attempts it took this golfer to achieve the impossible but regardless of how long it took, it's still a hugely impressive achievement.

Many golfers could easily stand there for hours and hours, hitting ball after ball and not get close to getting it in the hole, much like the probability of hitting a hole-in-one.

This moment will certainly live in the memory of this golfer for years to come. It is one of the best trick shots we have seen this year and we are looking forward to finding more. 



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