WATCH: Swing speed training goes HORRIBLY WRONG for this golfer!

This golfer was trying to channel his inner Bryson DeChambeau in his back garden, when this happened...

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Sun, 24 Jan 2021
WATCH: Swing speed training goes HORRIBLY WRONG for this golfer!

A video has gone viral of a golfer channeling his inner Bryson DeChambeau and working on his swing speed in his back garden, only for it to go horribly wong...

Since DeChambeau piled on the pounds and increased his speed on the PGA Tour, distance has quickly become one of the most talked about subjects in golf and not just in the professional game.

DeChambeau has got everyone thinking about hitting longer drives and after teaming up with World Long Drive champion Kyle Berkshire, we have seen plenty of his speed training sessions on his social media channels.

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It seems that DeChambeau's recent success has got amateur golfers attempting to gain a few yards too and for this golfer, his back-yard speed session quickly turned into an expensive afternoon.


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Of course with a video like this, it didn't take long for hubdreds of golf fans to have their saw, so check out some of the comments below.

"Tell them to send the bill to Bryson DeChambeau."

"Should’ve wore 3 gloves for protection."

"Dual-wielding gloves. No wonder."

"So the conundrum, do I go ask for my $400 driver, and have to pay for my neighbor's kitchen window? Or do I say, what's a driver when they ask if I lost my club?"

"That’s about to be his ball flight too with that swing."



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