What is Bryson DeChambeau's swing speed? Here are the Mad Scientist's numbers!

Bryson DeChambeau is on a quest for more speed and distance, but where are his numbers at right now?

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Mon, 11 Jan 2021

What is Bryson DeChambeau's swing speed? Here are the Mad Scientist's numbers!

Bryson DeChambeau shocked the world last year when he returned from golf's 91-day halt looking like an absolute beast, in his quest to pile on the pounds to help him gain more strength and power, leading to some staggering numbers in terms of ball and swing speed.

It seems to be doing the job so far, with DeChambeau winning his maiden major championship when he claimed the US Open at Winged Foot and although he did a lot more than just hit the ball a long way, he vowed to continue his journey and get even faster.

Well he wasn't lying and during the Christmas break, DeChambeau was seen working intensely on his speed training, ripping ball after ball into a practice net, trying to reach numbers unheard of on the PGA Tour.

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DeChambeau has even seeked the help of World Long Drive champion Kyle Berkshire, who is now a part of DeChambeau's team, helping him increase his ball speed averages on tour.

The new Cobra RADSPEED driver is now being used in the hands of DeChambeau on the PGA Tour and the 27-year-old won't rest until he has an average ball speed of between 205 - 210mph.

In DeChambeau's first tournament of 2021 at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, he topped out at a ball speed of 196mph, which is around 10mph off of where he wants his average to be, although he did say after the event that the Kapalua course "didn't fit the model".

He is yet to break the 200mph mark on the PGA Tour, but did manage to hit 211mph whilst practicing for the first PGA Tour event of the year.

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On average for the 2021 PGA Tour season, DeChambeau is top of both the club head speed and ball speed statistics.

Current club head speed average: 133.42 (fastest recorded speed - 138.39)

Current ball speed avaerage: 192.80 (fastest recorded speed - 199.55)

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