Sir Nick Faldo praises Swilcan Bridge decision after "DIY patio" removed

Sir Nick Faldo was among the high-profile names to praise the decision by St Andrews to remove the stonework patio leading at the Swilcan Bridge. 

Sir Nick Faldo praises Swilcan Bridge decision after "DIY patio" removed
Sir Nick Faldo praises Swilcan Bridge decision after "DIY patio" removed

Sir Nick Faldo was among the top names to hail the "good news" after St Andrews was forced to remove a paved area next to the Swilcan Bridge following an almighty backlash. 

Stonework leading up to the 600-year-old bridge at the Old Course was recently installed to protect the surrounding grass. 

Sir Nick, who won the 1990 Open at the Home of Golf, was among those who added their voices opposed to the area. 

This is how the three-time Open champion reacted to seeing the "upgrade" which was described as akin to putting a moustache on the Mona Lisa:

Former Ryder Cup player turned golf analyst for the BBC, Ken Brown, added perhaps one of the funnier takes, writing that the Swilcan Bridge was "now serving food. A table for fore please. Serving barbecue meals. Book early."

But now we have confirmation that St Andrews will pursue alternative options in trying to preserve the area. Sir Nick said this was "good news". 

It's important to point out that no changes were actually made to the bridge, but in a statement on 6 February, St Andrews said the stonework was identified as a "possible long-term solution." 

But they added: 

"While this installation would have provided some protection, in this instance we believe we are unable to create a look which is in keeping with its iconic setting and have taken the decision to remove it.
"We have also taken on feedback from many partners and stakeholders as well as the golfing public and we would like to thank everyone who has been in touch for their contribution to the issue.
"The widespread attention and commentary is indicative of the regard in which St Andrews is held around the world and we are conscious of our role in preserving this heritage while recognising its hallowed grounds have continued to evolve to meet demands for more than 600 years.
"In the coming days our team will be reinstating the area with turf. We will continue to explore alternative options for a permanent solution."

In 2022, Tiger Woods did not stop when he crossed the Swilcan Bridge at the 150th Open Championship. 

It signalled that he wasn't ready to say goodbye to the Open while also illustrating the emotional importance of the iconic landmark. 

Sir Nick Faldo praises Swilcan Bridge decision after

GolfMagic recently discussed the reaction to the patio on the latest episode of our new podcast, From The Tips

So is this the end of the Swilcan Bridge saga? Let us hope so. 

RIP Swilcan Bridge patio.

Feb. 5, 2023 - Feb. 7, 2023

Forever in our hearts. 

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