Bryson DeChambeau's 48-inch driver could be BANNED ahead of The Masters

Golf's governing bodies plan to clamp down on driving distance, starting with a limit on the length of the driver...

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Wed, 3 Feb 2021
Bryson DeChambeau's 48-inch driver could be BANNED ahead of The Masters

Bryson DeChambeau's theory of using a 48-inch driver on the PGA Tour could be in serious jeopardy after the R&A and USGA this week revealed plans to combat distance. 

In an interview with BBC Sport, R&A chief Martin Slumbers confirmed the proposed changes will look into reducing the length of a driver to 46 inches, but that this new plan is not solely aimed at the PGA Tour's biggest hitter DeChambeau, who averages 329 yards off the tee this season. 

"This is not person specific," Slumbers told BBC Sport. 

"We were looking at this four years ago. And in our 'Distance Insights' report this was one of the options available to us when we were considering this back in February [2020].

"We've tried really hard in this to be agnostic to individual players but inevitably long hitters could be personalised in that and there is no doubt there has been a lot of players who explored the use of longer drivers, not just Bryson."



DeChambeau has been seen testing a 48-inch driver - the current maximum length permitted by golf's governing bodies - ahead of this year's Masters Tournament set for early April. Only those plans may have been re-examined by the current World No.8 following the R&A and USGA's latest news this week. 

The R&A and USGA plan to ring a number of new changes in their new 'Distance Insights' project to counter the distance gains seen out on professional Tours in 2021 in a bid to find a "balance of skill and technology."



There is also set to be a review of both club and ball specifications in a bid to restrict the limit on driving distance. 

"We are now at a point where we want to get going again," said Slumbers, referring to plans previously having been put on hold as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Golf equipment brands and professional Tours will now have until March 4 to make any comments on the new proposals about limiting the length of clubs other than putters to 46 inches.