Cameron Young "not particularly" bothered about one PGA Tour announcement

Cameron Young, the PGA Tour's Rookie of The Year, admits he's "not particularly" bothered about the $100m Player Impact Program. 

Cameron Young "not particularly" bothered about one PGA Tour announcement
Cameron Young "not particularly" bothered about one PGA Tour announcement

New Rookie of The Year Cameron Young doesn't appear particularly bothered about the PGA Tour's $100m Player Impact Program. 

He was given the honour before the CJ Cup and the 25-year-old paid tribute to Arnold Palmer after he received 94 per cent of the vote from his peers. 

Young was heavily-linked with a move to LIV Golf before and during the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup Playoffs last season. 

One of the primary reasons why he was considering that move was of course the chance to spend more time with his family enjoy the team element  money. 

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Cameron Young

Young appeared to be torn but ultimately decided to stay after he was involved in the famous players-only meeting. 

"I mean, frankly, I have decided to stay [on the PGA Tour]," Young told previously told The Athletic. 

"It's obviously the elephant in the room for everyone. Frankly, throughout the whole process with them [LIV Golf], I was very interested. I think they have a bunch of good ideas and are doing some cool stuff." 

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It's curious then, that Young doesn't appear too fussed about the bolstered Player Impact Program, which will dish out $100m next year. That is up from the $40m that was previously on offer.  

Tiger Woods won the inaugural program. The PGA Tour announced the results in March and it was clear Woods, now 46, was still the biggest needle mover in the game. 

Woods scooped $8m after Phil Mickelson jumped the gun and claimed he had won. A post sent from Woods' Twitter daggered Mickelson in this regard.

Cameron Young

2021-2022 Player Impact Program Results

1. Tiger Woods ($8m)

2. Phil Mickelson ($6m)

3. Rory McIlroy ($3.5m)

4. Jordan Spieth ($3.5m)

5. Bryson DeChambeau ($3.5m)

6. Justin Thomas ($3.5m)

7. Dustin Johnson ($3m)

8. Brooks Koepka ($3m)

9. Jon Rahm ($3m)

10. Bubba Watson ($3m)

Cameron Young

Young was asked about the Player Impact Program shortly after Tom Kim gate-crashed Rory McIlroy's presser. 

Here's the full exchange:

Q. Just be curious what you made of the schedule for next year? Have you given much thought to it? If you haven't, can you think about it now?

CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah, I haven't paid that close attention. Honestly, I don't think it changes my schedule much. I know a lot of those are events that I play in anyway. Yeah, I'm just kind of excited to see how it works out and what it looks like.

Q. Have they given you any insight on the PIP?

CAMERON YOUNG: I don't really know how that works, so --

Q. Join the club.


Q. Do you care?

CAMERON YOUNG: Not particularly.

Q. That's all I got.

CAMERON YOUNG: Yeah, no, I mean, that's something with comes with our job and that's what we do. It's something I'm sure hopefully I'll have to figure out at some point.


It was a simply monumental year for Young, who earned more than $6.5m in his breakthrough season. 

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The only thing that was missing was a win. He did, however, finish second five times and finished third twice. 

Two of his near misses came at the PGA Championship and the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews. 

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